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Best cars under 10 lakh India to buy-in 2020

Best cars under 10 lakh India

In this article best cars under 10 lakh India we have suggested some of the best selling and performing cars in the Indian market. The cars have also been selected on the basis of sales and their maintenance cost and service.

1) Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 was launched in India back in 2008 since then the car has been performing ultimately good in every espect may it be the sales or the performance.

Currently in 2020 in India i20 is one of the best selling car of the segment. Hyundai i20 comes with ample of loaded features even in its base variants. Hyundai i20 comes with one fuel option that is petrol only.

The car comes with 1.2 L petrol engine. Milage claimed by the company is around 19 kmpl. The car has a seating capacity of up to 5 persons. Currently the car is only avalible in 5-speed  Manual transmission gearbox but, the car soon will be avalible in automatic transmission also. 

The Hyundai i20 is avalible in 4 varients .

  • Magna plus (Base)                            6.49 L (Ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • Sportz plus                                         7.36 L (Ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • Sports plus (Dual Tone)                   7.66 L (Ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • Asta (O) (Top)                                    8.30 L (Ex-Showroom Mumbai)    

2) Maruti Dezire

The heart winning car of Indian people The Maruti Dzire. The Maruti Dzire is one of the most successful car of the Indian history. The first Generation 0f the Dzire was first launched in India in 2008 and since then the performance and the customer base of the car has been increasing day by day.

Dzire have been made by keeping in mind all the aspects of the country. It is durable and a low maintenance car and most importantly it is also budget friendly. People who want to buy a sedan with a budget of only 10 lakh this is the perfect car for them in every aspect. 

The Maruti Dzire comes with 1.2 liter Petrol engine. Mileage claimed by the company is around 23-24 kmpl. The car an easily accommodate 5 people. The car is available in Manual and Automatic variants.

Maruti Dzire is available in 7 variants.

  • LXI (Base)                             5.89 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • VXI                                         6.79 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • VXI (Automatic)                   7.31 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • ZXI                                          7.48 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • ZXI (Automatic)                   8.00 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • ZXI+                                       8.28 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • ZXI+ (Automatic)                8.80 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)

3) Tata Tiago

Tata tiago was launched in 2015 and the same generation is in continuation till date. Tata tiago is also considered as value for money car as it has low maintenance costs and can run easily hundreds of thousands of kilo-miters.

The Car can be used as a personal and a commercial car.The Tata Tiago has a appealing body and is comfortably wide car. Tata Tiago is the replacement of one of the Tata cars named as Bolt which was discontinued and then Tiago was launched.

Tiago is powered with 1.2 L petrol engine and earlier Tiago also used to have Diesel engine but they were discontinued due to the BSVI norms. Tiago can easily accommodate 5 people.  Tiago has both transmission options manual and automatic.

Tata Tiago has 8 variants available.

  • XE                                                                            4.60 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai) 
  • XT                                                                            5.20 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • XZ                                                                            5.70 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • XZ+                                                                         5.99 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • XZ+     (Dual Tone)                                          6.10 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • XZA    (Automatic)                                         6.20 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • XZA+ (Automatic)                                         6.49 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • XZA+ (Automatic Dual Tone)                 6.60 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai) 

4) Ford Figo

Ford Figo was launched in 2008 in India named as IKON till 2015. In 2015 this model was discontinued and Ford Figo was launched. In terms of sales the Figo is not as exiting as other cars of its competition but as said by many of the Automobile Journalists that Figo is much better in terms of Performance then the other cars of this segment but due to service station issues the cars did not perform well.

 The maintenance of the Ford Figo is just nominal but the performance and the ride quality of the car is just mindbogglingly awesome. The build quality of the car is just phenomenal and excellent.

The car is powered with a 1.5 L Diesel engine and 1.2 L petrol engine. Figo can easily accommodate up to 5 people . The car is only available in manual transmission but soon we are accepting the launch of automatic variants of the car also.

The Ford Figo is available in 7 variants.


  • Trend                                                  6.86 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • Titanium                                           7.25 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • Titanium Blu                                   7.85 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai) 


  • Ambiente                                         5.39 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • Trend                                                  5.99 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • Titanium                                           6.35 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)
  • Titanium Blu                                   6.95 L (ex-Showroom Mumbai)

5) Volkswagen Polo

The last car of our list is for people who love German cars and have limited budget and still want to feel and enjoy the power and comfort of the German car, the car is nun other than the Volkswagen Polo. Volkswagen Polo is one of the cars under this segment which gives the best performance and smooth gearboxes.

Comparatively the sales of the car is not as much as the cars above but still the performance is better then all the cars above. Polo is made for people who want to experience some serious power and performance. The car is packed with driving modes and features.

Polo is powered with a 1-Liter Petrol engine. Polo is available in both Automatic and Manual transmission. The car can easily accommodate up-to 5 people. The mileage claimed by the company is around 17.99 kmpl for manual transmission whereas for automatic it is 18.24 kmpl.

The Volkswagen Polo is available in 6 variants in which four are manual and two are automatic.

  •  Trendline 1.0                                                      5.82L (ex-showroom Mumbai)
  • Comfortline Plus 1.0                                      6.76L (ex-showroom Mumbai)
  • TSI Edition                                                            7.89L (ex-showroom Mumbai)
  • TSI Highline Plus 1.0                                       8.02L (ex-showroom Mumbai)
  • TSI Highline Plus AT 1.0                                9.12L (ex-showroom Mumbai)
  • GT 1.0 TSI AT                                                       9.59L (ex-showroom Mumbai)

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