January 27, 2021


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Nissan Kicks, Datsun Prices To Be Hiked By 5%. Magnite| RediGo.

Nissan Kicks

Nissan Kicks & Magnite Prices Hiked

Datsun RediGo

Nissan India has announced that the pricing for their cars Nissan Kicks, Magnite will be hiked by up to 5% from January 2021.

Pricing for Datsun cars will also be hiked, which will include RediGo, Go, and Go+.

The manufacturer stated that the reason behind the price hike is due to the increase in the basic input costs.

With the upcoming year, most of the manufactures across the country will be hiking the basic pricing and also adding new products to their brochures.

With the response received by Nissan’s bounce-back product, the Magnite, which has crossed nearly 15K bookings within days of launch, the manufacturer is now getting confident accordingly.

Earlier, Nissan had launched the Kicks but, the response was far below to meet the average line and its competitors.

But with the strategy of aggressive pricing, Nissan has seen an amazing “J” graph in their sales units within a few days.

Datsun has also officially stated that it will be hiking the pricing of its entire lineup by 5% from day one of 2021, which will include the Go, Go+, and RediGo.

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Nissan Magnite

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