Monday, September 27, 2021

Mercedes Benz EQG All Electric Makes Global Debut.

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Mercedes Benz EQG

Mercedes Benz EQG Might Rival The GMC Hummer EV.

After the global unveil of the Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan, the manufacturer has also uncovered the Mercedes EQG, which is the electrified variant of the legendary and one of the pure SUVs, the G-Wagon.

The design language and the styling of the EQG seem to be adopted from the off-roader G-Wagon. Mercedes Benz says that the EQG Concept is a vision of what an electrified G-Class will look like.

Exterior elements consist of gloss black pannel replaced aginst the radiator grille and, the plate also has illumination which lights up the 3D star logo and certain elements all around. While basic elements consist of LED headlights, along with DRL’s, illuminated grille surround, ORVM’s again with illuminated parts, 22-inch polished aluminum wheels.

In place of the spare wheel, there seems to be a square-shaped lockable storage space, which might be used to carry the portable charging cable of the EQG.

Interiors as of now remain unchanged and come equipped with a dual-screen unit with connected features, powered front seats with ventilation and heating function, multi-zone automatic climate-controlled A/c, and premium leather upholstery.

One of other thing that Mercedes did, apart from revealing pictures of the Concept EQG is a claim that the EV is an ‘uncompromising off-roader’.  

The suspension of the Mercedes Benz EQG gets a ladder-frame chassis, the EV also has independent suspension on the front axle and a newly developed rigid rear axle for better driving quality.

As of now, the numbers of the EQG remain a mystery which later on Mercedes Benz might unveil. 

There is an individual electric motor placed near each wheel, which will power them and can also be operated individually, gradually enhancing the off-road capabilities.

EQG Exterior

G Wagon

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